Training Restaurant's Workforces

Working in a restaurant is an exciting job that allows you to deal with various customers of different personalities. However, it is likewise one of the most stressful jobs as you have to please all customers in the best way that you can. Having well trai


Working in a restaurant is one of the most stressful jobs as employees are expected to satisfy too many people. They have to please restaurant’s owners and managers and have to adjust to various customers with different personalities. There are customers who are very picky, strict, careless, harsh and arrogant and restaurant’s workforces have to deal with them in such a way that they’ll find satisfaction in foods, accommodations and services that the establishment offers. If troubles arise, restaurant’s employees are often blamed even if they are not at fault. Sufficient and appropriate employees training can lead to a positive atmosphere in the restaurant even during the rush hours. The following are useful reminders when training restaurant’s workforces:

  • At the start, frankly and clearly inform your workers about all your expectations when it comes to their job functions, attendance, promptness, cleanliness, shifting schedules and work ethics. This is necessary so in the beginning they are made aware of what the do’s and don’ts in your business rules and policy.
  • Encourage positive atmosphere in the restaurant by not allowing factions and gossips among your workforce. Instead, encourage good camaraderie and friendship in the workplace to help enhance employees’ productivity. If conflicts will arise, listen to both sides and come up with a solution that is agreeable and favorable to both.
  • Give employees the opportunity to taste all foods that are served in your restaurant. This is an effective way to teach them familiarity with all the dishes in your restaurant. Through this, each of them can recommend their personal favorites to your customers.
  • In times of unavoidable conflict and misunderstanding between your staff and customers, show your support to your employee especially if he has proven himself right. In a restaurant setting, the customers are not most of the time right as some of them do not really pay attention when making orders and would blame waiters for their own mistakes. In times of conflict, train your workforces to control their temper but you must stand by them when they are not really at fault.
  • Train workforce about your service rules from the beginning depending on their specific functions. The waiters must know if drink refills are free, must know the amount of corkage fee for bottles of drinks brought in by customers in the restaurant and if sauces serve at the table are free or not and so on. The host must know about seating assignment and the chef must determine the correct timing for preparing main courses, appetizers and desser


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