Tips to Receive Good Tips

Maintaining a quality interaction and excellent service with your guests cannot only motivate them to give big tips, but it can also create a positive impression and image of your restaurant. Guests will always go back again and again if they are satisfie
  • Be skillful and knowledgeable in your function. Show that you are competent.
  • Give yourself a good rest and enough sleep to be excited and energetic the following day.
  • See to it that the tabletop is perfectly set.
  • Act on problems immediately.
  • Always provide extra napkins.
  • Always use your brain before you say something.
  • Assist large groups to make things easy for them.
  • Be always on guard to acknowledge and recognize guests as soon as they enter your place, within 60 seconds as possible.
  • Be aware of what your guests wants and know also what they don’t like.
  • Be in good character when speaking to them.
  • Be respectable and polite all guests.
  • Bring first the full one before you remove the empty one.
  • Don’t refill coffee cups without asking permissions from your guests.
  • Expect what your guests’ needs by anticipating it.
  • Focus your efforts on providing satisfaction, pleasure and enjoyment for your guests.
  • Fold napkins of absent guests.
  • Get rid of dirty service wares. Always provide quality service in all aspects.
  • Give opinion about your best wines. Your guests will surely appreciate it.
  • Give your guests sincere and flattering comments.
  • If guests compliment the food preparation, inform your cook about it.
  • If you can make personal recommendations, your guests will surely appreciate it.
  • If your guests have young kids, provide extra care for them.
  • Know and learn the names of your guests and address them with their names if possible.
  • Maintain an eye to eye contact and look at your guests when you talk to them.
  • Offer to take pictures of your guests.
  • Provide newspapers, magazines or any reading materials to single guest.
  • Provide young kids with wet napkins.
  • Show support and reinforcement to your guests’ decisions.
  • When serving your guests, give your best to satisfy them. Don’t think too much about the tips. Concentrate on your work.
  • You can give suggestion for alternative and replacement of sold out items.
  • When guests are done, facilitate the check quickly.
  • Offer assistance with guests’ coats.
  • Inform guests about future special occasions and invite them.
  • Check guests’ table just in case they have forgotten something.
  • Don’t forget to extend and show gratitude to your guests. You can also send them a thank you note.

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