Tips to Create a Restaurant Menu

One of the most significant part of a restaurant's success is on how well it presents its dishes in a menu. Restaurant menu is an imperative marketing tool that tells and informs the customers of what foods you can serve and offer. It likewise sets the r

A restaurant menu is one of the most vital parts of a restaurant’s success. It serves as an imperative marketing tool that tells and informs the customers of what foods you can serve and offer. It likewise sets the restaurant’s tone and image by the type of foods that it serves. Designing your own restaurant menu in a manner that suits your style, budget and restaurant’s image can help increase the number of your customers and enhance business profitability as well. Here are tips on how to create your own restaurant menu:

  • List down the dishes that you intend to serve in your restaurant and write the corresponding prices for each. Arrange your menu selections by group or by course and determine the order of how you want each selection to appear. Just remember to put the least expensive foods’ price first then followed by an increasing expensive prices.
  • Use a design software program and open the menu design template. Many programs have a template for restaurant menu. Download a trial version of Adobe In Design or Microsoft Publisher from your Internet and choose from those templates.
  • Determine what font you wish to use and begin typing your menu selections. If you want a more elegant image for your restaurant, use curvy fonts. A simple up and down font is use for a less fancy restaurants. List down all foods on the left side in a bold font and on the right side, write the corresponding prices in small font. Make sure that the overall restaurant menu is readable to all your customers.
  • Choose a color for your menu that somewhat goes hand in hand with the color of your entire restaurant. Pick gold to reflect elegance and bright colors like the basic crayon colors are less fancy.
  • Make your restaurant menu look more attractive by adding pictures or images of dishes to entice your customers more to try your foods. Or you can place attractive and colorful borders or use line arts just to make your menu interesting to look at. Try different options and designs until you get the appropriate theme that fits your restaurant.
  • If you are done, you can print your own restaurant menu using your own printer on a specialty paper or you can hire the services of professionals to print it for you. Make enough copy to serve your customers well.

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