Things to Reconsider When You Like to Start Your Own Pub, Bar or Cafe

Owning a public place where alcoholic drinks are being served, is a dream many cherish, but starting a pub, cafe or bar, might be harder than you think. Not only local laws must be applied, also your financial and social skills will be tested to the most.

So you have checked the local laws on opening hours, serving alcohol to minors, taxes and you have the right qualifications to start your pub, cafe, or bar. Right, now the real efforts start and here a checklist of things to reconsider.

1) Investment

Starting a business costs money. Many belief a public drinking business is just about buying and selling drinks, but there is more to it. Can you serve the bar alone at busy hours? You might have to hire extra personal and keep your bar beneficial, knowing employees, especially when they have to work late shifts, are costly.

Also your refrigerators, your lights, heating and so on will cost electricity. Your cooling needs to work also when your bar, pub or cafe is closed and no customers are bringing in money. Also your taps will have to be cleaned and inspected to keep up the quality and hygienic standards of your beers.

There will be peak moments, especially in weekends when the place might be crowded, but during the week, you might only be selling your drinks to the local drunk that will be around all the time, as long as he's got money. But will this keep your business going?

2) Social Factors

Owning a bar might keep you busy. Keep in mind you have long working hours and may find yourself working at least 100 hours a week, mostly late at night. You will not only be serving drinks and chat with customers, you will also have to keep your cash register, you accountancy and employment register up to date. Beside that your business needs to be cleaned as well, since having a lot of drunk people around, might leave a mess each night.

So you will not have much time for a social life and a family. Most people around you will be enjoying themselves, while you are working.

You will also have to take your responsibility when people are drunk and making trouble. Sometimes you might have to stand up and remove somebody from your place. When drunks get aggressive, you might also risk physical assault.

By the way: in many areas you are not allowed to serve anymore alcohol to drunk people. This might be bad for your business, but breaking the law might even be worse.

Also noise regulations might be applied. Will you play your stereo late at night for the entire neighborhood? Keeping a good reputation is also important, since bars where to many incidents happen and where police might have to come often, might be closed down legally.

3) Mental Factors

Can your endure serving drinks all evening, having poor souls at your bar, begging for your attention and compassion for their problems? You might consider yourself more a therapist than a barkeeper from time to time and can you face this?

Many people come to public drinking places for social contact, because they are sad, lonely and might have a drinking problem, that keeps you in business. Or will you grow depressed yourself and become your own best costumer?

When you have a drinking problem yourself, owning a bar might not be the best idea. You need a sober head to keep a firm business.

Barkeeper or pub owner is one of the hardest trades of all in many ways. You need to be a good business person, to make right investments, you need to work hard and long and you might also be a therapist and a peacekeeper.


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